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Marrakesh City Walk

Date: Monday and Thursday at 09h00 and 13h00

Price: €25 (morning Tour including Monuments); €20 (afternoon) (at least 3p)


After many requests and a long search, we finally managed to find an official local Moroccan guide who can deliver our personal quality and... she’s a woman!

You will have a really interesting time with her, she knows a lot about the city, its history and the daily life.

Together with her you will explore and experience the daily life in the medina (oldcity) of Marrakesh.

She shows you the hidden places, the artisan streets you hardly would find without her.

You can join for a morning tour (3h) starting at 09h00 along the historical monuments in the Kasbah district or an afternoon tour from 13h00 past the artisan souks and the Koran school.

Note: Available on Monday and Thursday, other days on request, combination of both tours including lunch is possible for € 50