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Morocco - the imperial cities like a sultan

Posted on July 1, 2012 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (431)
Morocco is a popular destination to spend your holidays and Marrakech is 'hot'. If you always wanted to visit the country of 1001 nights ... take your chance ow nand come to Morocco to visit the imperial cities of Rabat, Meknès, Fès and Marrakech like a sultan ....
This private tour is taking 8 or 10 days. By private car with your own driver you travel to the imperial cities; passing by the amazing landscapes of the Middle and High Atlas mountains.
The imperial cities of Morocco are old capitals of one or more dynasties. such as Fes, which was the capital of Morocco several times, Marrakech that was the capital of the Saadiens, after being that of the Almohades and of the Almoravides, Meknes was at one time capital of the Alaouite dynasty. Rabat is the current capital of Morocco.
Visit them all with this special Maroc Travel trip - all the royal cities within one week!
Day 1 - arrival at the airport of  Casablanca. Overnight in Rabat. Near the 'souks' (local markets) and the shopping area you make your first acquaintance with the different culture of North Africa. 
Day 2 - you start with a visit to the memorial tower Hassan I whichwas never finished completely. Then the tour get's really strated and your on your way to the second imperial city Meknes. On the route there is time to visit the old Roman ruïnes of Volubilis and the pelgrimage village of Moulay Idriss. Overnight in Mèknes.
Day 3 - in the morning there is time to visit the old palaces and the splendour and grandeur of former sultan Moulay Ismael who made Meknes the capital of Morocco during the dynasty of the Alouïtes. In the afternoon you make a nice trip to arrive in Fès; parts of the old city are still almost mediaeval. You stay in a  nice hotel  - just between the old medina of Fes el Bali and the new town Fes el Jdid. 
Day 4 - a full day to visit all the beauties of Fès with it's old medina, souks and the impressive way they prepare the leather still in an artisanal way. 

Day 5 - a beautiful (and long) way passing by the Middle Atlas mountain. You probably meet the Barbarian apes near the road living in the ceder woods. In the city of Beni Mellal we stop for the night. Here you meet normal Moroccan life in a non touristic setting ... 

Day 6 - along the High Atlas mountains to reach the royal city of of Marrakech. On the road we wil stop bij the famous Cascades d'Ouzoud and the natural bridge near Demnate. In Marrakech you stay in a nice and cosy Riad hotel just near the famous square Jemaa el Fnaa. Every
night there is a spectacle of musicians, dancers, story tellers and a lot of food stalls. A fresh orange juice (ask 'sans glace')for only 4 Dirham (ca. € 0,40)

Day 7 - a complete day to visit all the magics of Marrakech: the souks, musea, palaces, the old koranic school and the colorful garden once decorated and owned by Yves St. Laurent.
Day 8 - depending the time for your flight there might still be time to visit Marrakech. Transfer to the Marrakech airport for your flight home. 
Day 8 - to Essaouira - to enjoy the Atlantic coast. 

Day 9 - a beautiful road along the Atlantic coast passing by the cosy town of Safi, know for it's pottery, the lovely beach of Oualidia and the fortress city of El Jadida to return to Casablanca.

Day 10 - depending the time for your flight there might still be time to visit the huge mosque Hassan II. Transfer to teh Casablanca airport for your flight home.

For the whole trip you are travelling like a sultan with your own car with private driver. All nights in nice hotels are included (B&B).
And the price for all this ...
just for the 2 of you it's € 750,- p/p for 8 days
(starting at the Casablanca airport, ending at the Marrakech airport
for 10 days (Casablanca to Casablanca) it's € 925,- p/p
when you are 4: € 550,- p/p - 8 days (Casablanca to Marrakech),
€ 700,- p/p for 10 days (Casablanca to Casablanca)

you like to know more or make a reservation ...
just send an e-mail to: [email protected]
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