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Ski in Morocco - starting Friday Feb. 17 in Marrakech

Posted on November 13, 2011 at 2:46 AM Comments comments (0)
Skiing in Morocco?
Yes, you can! A ski lift you only find in the small skiresort near Jebel Oukaïmeden (3.260m). This is just fun for everyone and children can have lessons in small groups. If you like to ski from the top of the other mountains, or even Jebel Toubkal, you have to walk up with your tour ski’s. Then you find a unprepared piste in a rough mountain area to get you down. This is only for experienced tourskiers. Several summits and high passes can be done depending on how many days you have to spent: Tizi Likemt (3.500m), Ras-n-Ouanakrim (4.045m), Akioud (4.030m) en of course the highest of all: Jebel Toubkal (4.167m).
Join our special 10 day skitour
starting in Marrakech-Friday Feb. 17th
From Marrakech you go direct to the small ski resort of Oukaïmeden. In the afternoon you are on your ski’s to conquer Jebel Oukaiïmeden. Then you walk by the pass Tizi-n-Eddi (2.920) to the mountain village of Tachedirt. Here you stay in a Berber guesthouse between the Berber people. From this attractive and authentic village you make 2 ski tours. This makes you adapt to the altitude as well. Then you walk to Imlil byj the pass Tizi-n-Tamatert to start the ‘attack’ of the highest summit: Jebel Toubkal. You go up to the mountain hut 'refuge Neltner' (3.200m.) and from there you make another 2 exciting ski tours: one to the summit of the Toubkal and one to one of the other 4.000 meter peaks: Akioud, Ras-n-Ounakrim.
First snow has fallen in Morocco in the Toubkal national park. The region is home to the best of the few ski areas in, Oukaimeden, located in a high valley about 10 miles northeast of Toubkal, with several lifts which run from 8500-10600 ft elevation (2600-3250 m). Jebel Toubkal (4.167m. / 13671 ft is the highest point in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and also the highest point in North Africa. It is the only region in the entire continent of Africa which has good conditions for ski mountaineering. Especially February and March are good. For decades ski mountaineers have been visiting this wonderful area. Skiinig in Morocco is a special experience - you are entering a different world with men in djellabahs walking around in the local souks. Despite the Sahara Desert so close, the High Atlas has substantial winter snowfalls, and although there are no glaciers since the Ice Ages there are a few permanent snowfields on shaded north slopes. Standard trekking and skiing routes to Toubkal begin in the village of Imlil in a valley to the north, and climb to the Neltner Refuge, a hut at 10500 ft (3200 m) just west of Toubkal. Routes ascend to the summit via the north and south cwms, and numerous possibilities for high ski traverses also exist. Various other 4.000 mm summits like Ras-n-Ouanakrim (4.045m) and Akioud (4.030m) Other useful links:   
Club Alpin Francais - Casablanca (includes ski info for Toubkal
Ski mountaineering in Morocco, High Atlas
GoSki Morocco - Oukaimeden (info about ski area) 
Oukaimeden, Morocco: Ski lift at 3268 m  
Topographic map of the Toubkal region (1:250,000 scale) 
from Carte du Maroc NH-29-3 Marrakech <click to enlarge>